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Supplying quality brand doors & accessories to complete any commercial or residential project The Nortruss Group is your destination for everything doors & metal door frames.
The Nortruss Group has been one of the major hardware businesses in the Northern Territory & Northern Western Australia for over 50 years. We can provide a range of services, from KDC and architectural design, lead line, door and frame packages, green star door packages, fire doors, acoustic doors, and specialty and oversized doors. Our range of doors and frames is second-to-none, and we are committed to providing you with the best quality and service.


  • Commercial & Residential Doors
  • Door Furniture
  • Pressed Metal Door Frames
  • KDC & Architectural Design
  • Door & Frame Packages
  • Fire Resistant Doors
  • Acoustic Doors
  • Green Star Door Packages


We stock only high-quality doors by Hume & Corinthian. We also stock a large range of accessories to add that finishing touch. We are experts in all types of commercial and residential doors and frames.

Pressed Metal Door Frames

The Nortruss Group has a range of pressed metal door frames that are manufactured on-site. We can even manufacture to your specifications.

Specialty & Oversized Doors

With experience in manufacturing and sourcing specialty and oversized doors, we can supply a large range of doors.

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