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From 1877, the Dahlsen family has been dedicated to providing quality building materials.

To this day, our business is family owned and operated and with a new generation at the helm we are striving more than ever to deliver state of the art building and renovation solutions.

  • 1961
    Ross Rayner, Founder of Nortruss Builders Supplies, first arrives in Darwin.
  • 1969
    Ross formed the company Northbuilt Pty Ltd with business partner Harry Currington
  • 1971
    Ross saw the need for specialised manufacturing of roof trusses and formed a subsidiary company "Nortruss" next door.
  • 1977
    After Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and the fact that a lot of builders were hesitant to utilise Nortruss's services with a competitor builder on the same block. Ross split with his business partner and officially formed the company "Nortruss".
  • 1982
    Now Nortruss was out on it's own, Ross consolidated the business and then started upgrading his equipment to enhance his services to the customer.
  • 1983
    it was found that wall frames were too heavy when pre-assembled with hardwood to be viable. To counter this, Ross set up his first steel wall frame assembly plant.
  • 1994
    With the growth of the Territory, it was decided that the next best way to expand Nortruss was to open a hardware store. The Nortruss Hardware was officially opened by Max Ortmann MLA. This brought an oportunity to refresh the look of the Nortruss Logo. This logo has remained unchanged to this date.
  • 2005
    After nearly 30 years, Ross decided it was time to hand the reins over. So with a partnership with ANZ Capital and the former General Manager Graham "Brock" Simon, Nortruss was sold and now in the firm hands of Brock Simon as the Managing Director.
  • 2006
    With new leadership and support, Nortruss started looking at expanding their resources so Nortruss looks to the west with the purchase of Kimberley Truss from owners Jim and Robyn Donnelly. Jim and Robyn started Kimberley Truss back in 1990 and had built the company to a well recognised and respected establishment in Broome and the Kimberley's.
  • 2007
    With the purchase of Kimberley Truss, Nortruss also wanted to expand it's interest in the remote area of the NT. With this in mind, Gorrkbuy Industrial Supplies was purchased and unofficially was the start of the Nortruss Group of Companies.
  • 2008
    After 3 years, ANZ Capital decided it was time to part ways with Nortruss and this brought the interest of southern building companies. It was officially announced that Dahlsens Building Center had purchased Nortruss in November.